Monday, January 15, 2007

Litter Kwitter

Ahh, the Litter Kwitter. There were three reasons I asked for a cat toilet-training system for my 21st birthday (don't laugh) and they are:

1. Cleaning up Puddy's poo every day is disgusting.
2. Puddy tends to trail litter throughout the house for us to stand on.
3. My friends reckon I can't train her.

And me, being the stubborn ass I am, decided to prove them wrong.

The second I got the Litter Kwitter I pulled it out and gave it a go. You get four parts, the white toilet seat that clips over the normal toilet (rather cute in my opinion), the red part which has no hole in it but it does have a bump where the hole goes, the amber part which has a small hole in it, and the green part that has a larger hole in it. You start the cat off with the red part (obviously), moving to the amber, then the green.

First off you have to move the kitty litter into the bathroom where the toilet is. This wasn't a problem because since we moved, Puddy's litter is next to the toilet which is just off the laundry where her food is. And a few times I've caught her with her paws up on the toilet seat, sniffing around, so it's good that she's at least open to getting up there. The aim is to get her to use the red part (which fits into the plastic toilet seat) on the floor next to the toilet. You put a generous amount of litter in the red part and then position her on it so she's using it the right way.

Well, immediately Puddy jumped onto it and ... err... christened it (not in these pics, this is new litter, I'm not *that* disgusting! Hehehe).

But that's all she would do. Pees galore, but poops were for the floor only. For some reason she would refuse to poo on it. Darn. I looked at their website and it seems like a lot of people have the same problem. I think it may have something to do with the bump in the middle. I've seen other ones that don't have that bump. I think it would be hard for poor Puddy to try to cover up her poo with that bump to hit her paws on. I've gone back to her old litter (we changed litter when we moved house and she's found it hard to adjust) and now, success, she's using her litter properly again so I'm going to try with the red stage again.

I think a big problem for her is going from her large litter box to this new smaller odd-shaped one. So I'm going to potty her... ie. feed her at the same time, then put her on the litter so she goes. I'm going to baby her for a few days (just for the poo's) to see if she gets the hang of it. I have to ensure I clean it out regularly, I can understand how a dirty litter wouldn't be appealing. Anyway here's a pic that I thought was adorable:

No, not these again Mummy! I'm soooo over it!

Now for the food part. Is it gross that I have a post on kitty litter and pooping, and then talk about food? Ah. Oh well. Here was last night's dinner, shepherd's pie. That's not oil, it was just really runny because I didn't boil it down enough, but it made the mince nice and moist. There's nothing worse than dry mince in pies. Ick. And the potato and cheese on top was delicious! I don't know if it's because I haven't had it for ages, but it was YUM-O!

And here we have today's lunch, toasted sandwiches. The round meat is Strassburg because they didn't have any Polish Salami (aww) and the other meat is Triple Smoked Ham (my favourite). Of course I popped the tops on before toasting. Oh and they weren't all for me, hehe.

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Blogger Kitikata-san said...

Poor Puddy Cat. You were so brave to get up on that big white whirlly water thing!

January 16, 2007 at 12:42 AM

Blogger Katie said...

kitikata-san - Meow! I only did it because Mummy gives me treats when I do! She thinks I'm doing it for her, but really it's because I love salmon! Meow!

January 16, 2007 at 7:39 PM


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